The Plan

My plan was to connect to my target company via  social media.  The first step had been to connect to their recruiters via LinkedIn.  Now, every time I do a “Network Updates” on LinkedIn, recruiters from my target companies can see something about me.  I update things I want recruiters to know about me.  However, with 1,000s of connections, chances are, the recruiters are not seeing many of my updates.  This is only one arrow in the quiver.

I searched for the company on Twitter.  Found them.  Started following them.  I went to their website, read their blog.  Found the name of the Chief Marketing Officer (a frequent blogger).  I started to retweet the company and the CMO (only the great stuff).  I track who retweets me.  I know that this Austin company knows when I retweet them.  I became a fan of them on Facebook and started interacting with other fans, giving quality feedback to questions.   I joined their group on LinkedIn.  I found articles on their new Austin headquarters with some clues into the corporate culture.  I found photographs of corporate events.  I found announcements of where their senior executives would be speaking; where I would be able to meet them.

Found the CMO on Twitter and started following him.  I started making comments, when I had something to say.  I started finding areas of interest I have in common with the CMO.  I started following some of the people he follows on Twitter.    I set a Google Alert on their CMO so I can read everything being posted by and about him on the internet.  At times, I am able to post a comment on a video, blog, or interview.  If nothing else, I am current on what he is saying and what is important to him. 

My goal was simple.  On the day my resume arrived in their HR department, I was nothing more than a two page Word document.  That was everything they knew about me.  It is very hard to hire a two page Word document.  You become very left brained when deciding who to invite in for an interview when all you have is pages of words.  I had to make myself flesh and blood.  Creative, interested, passionate, interesting, generous, connected.  By connecting to them via  social media, I started to show them who I am.  I also started to show them that I am interested in them.  I am not someone who simply blasted them with a mouse click from my Monster  account.  They are particularly interesting to me.

I also have several blogs.  I point to my marketing blog often.  I want prospective employers to see that I am passionate about marketing.  I am a gifted marketer.  I understand how to market high-tech.  I have a track record of success.  I have a sense of humor.  I take the time to mentor junior marketers into great marketers.  I am someone they want on their team.

I do not know if it will take a month, a quarter, or a year, but eventually, they will see me as a person of interest and hopefully will become as interested in me as I am in them.

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James Snider is the Vice President of Business Development for Engstrom Trading, LLC. Engstrom imports products from Scandinavian countries and builds a market for them in the USA and Canada. View all posts by jamessnider

13 responses to “The Plan

  • Tamara Fulcher

    Great insight, James!

  • Kathy Warren

    I need to land a job. My passion is multi-state payroll. I also like to handling cash in any form; such as, cash, checks, pay cards, deposits, wires, ACH, and etc. (Domestic and Foreign currency). It does not matter on the size of companies or any type of industies. I just know that I like paying employees correctly and keeping all information confidential. How do I get my self out in the social media world that I am very serious my about working in the payroll or human resources department as Super Payroll Lady? I am willing to go the extra mile.

    I want to land a job in the year of 2009.

    I am in linkedin as

    However, I need some help in getting really notice on how I can be a valuable asset to their company or organiztion.

    I need all your suggestions or advice. This will be greatly appreciated.

    • jamessnider

      Hi Kathy, This is not exactly sage advice but I am suggesting that you do what I have been doing.
      1) Find a job hunting network group in your area. Join the HR/payroll sub-group. Ask questions. I see that you are in the DFW area. You can try Career Connections in Dallas and talk to John Nosal (with whom you are LinkedIn) about the right group. If you are in Tarrant county, then make it over to Southlake Focus Group at White Chapel United Methodist and talk to one of the leaders.
      2) There are payroll folks and a ton of HR folks on Twitter. Set up a Twitter account and start following them. Then start retweeting the good stuff you find. If you need help with getting Twitter going, email me and I will get you together with someone who can help you.
      3) Do you have anything to say? Are you an expert in anything. Start a blog and blog about it. Email me for help.
      4) There are several HR and payroll groups on LinkedIn. Join all of them. Then post pointers to your blog in the discussion sections of these LinkedIn groups. Expect some people to pick on you a little bit…to show that they are smarter than you are. Don’t let it bother you. If they are smarter than you are, follow their blog or Twitter account or discussions on LinkedIn and learn something from them. Get LinkedIn with them. If they are not smarter than you are, then thank them for their comments. They are improving your chances of being read by posting comments, even negative comments, on your LinkedIn discussion.
      5) If you can make it to Euless on Tuesdays at 9:00 AM, come to the MAG!C Group. We are a bunch of marketers and creative types but we help each other a lot and the group will lift your spirits. We are focusing our discussion for the rest of the year on ramping up the job hunt for December. Either we will get a job or we will be locked and loaded for the uptick on jobs in January/February.
      6) Get around people who have jobs. Go to every Christmas party you are invited to. Attend every professional meeting you can find. Do volunteer work. Do something to get you in contact with people who have jobs. Let them know in passing that you are looking for work, but do not make a big deal out of it. No one wants to hear your problems…but they would like to help you if they can. If you join the MAG!C group, we a using the buddy system to go to events where we might not know anyone. Two or more of us will attend the same events so no one has to go into a group of strangers alone.

      I can help you a lot more if you will make it over to the midcities for one of our events. Email me:

    • smhoenig

      Hi Kathy,

      I just saw your note and James thoughts in response. He gave really solid, sage advice. Career searching is definitely exhausting work. I did think of two groups you might also contact that are populated and run by good people.

      1) Career Jump Start:

      2) Career Transition Workshop:

      Also, I’ve heard good things about the Jewish Family Services career group. These groups are usually hosted by churches, but members are not required to be in any way religious.

      Hope that’s some help to you!


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  • Emmett Hans

    Fantastic webpage. Keep posting more great publications. Been surveying your blog for 2 days now and I should state I am starting to like your post. I want to know how do I subscribe to your web logs?

    • jamessnider

      Emmett, Thanks for the comment. To follow, I think you click on the Networked Blogs “Follow my Blog” link and it will do the rest. I have never done that…seeing as I do not follow my own blog.

      Thanks again,

  • Local Job

    Loved reading this article, thank you! Bookmarked your blog 🙂

  • Hipolito Guerrini

    Great webpage. Continue to posting more imformative posts. Been keeping an eye on your web log for 2 days now and I should state I am beginning to like your post. I desire to acknowledge how do I sign to your web logs?

    • jamessnider

      Hipolito, Thank you for your comments and for reading my blog. I hope you find he information to be useful. Even if you have a job, there is information on using social media for business marketing. James Snider

  • tessle

    Hi James, did you get the job?

    • jamessnider

      Queen Tessie, Still working on it. I was able to get enough feedback from communicating with their recruiters that I know what I need to fix and have been working on that. This job market can be very difficult and nothing moves quickly. Thanks, James

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