Where to start…

Certainly, the place to start the job search is with your resume.  I have had my resume reviewed by no less than four professionals who have all disagreed totally with each other.  You need to be ready for that and use their comments to help you develop your resume.  Do not pay for a resume service to write your resume.  Free help is available and the professional resume writer tends to produce a resume that looks almost nothing like the candidate.  Your resume needs to be your resume.

I may get back to resumes in a latter blog, but my primary focus is on social media.  I mention resumes here because the first social media platform you need to concentrate on is LinkedIn.  Almost everyone agrees with this.  Not having a LinkedIn account in today’s job search market is like trying to get a job without a resume.  LinkedIn is a way to put your professional profile on-line where recruiters can find it.  It is also a great tool for the job hunter.

I am going to spread my discussion of LinkedIn over six blogs:

1) Your Picture

2) Your Connections

3) Getting Found

4) Your Recommendations

5) Joining Groups

6) Using LinkedIn

If you are not on LinkedIn, go to http://www.linkedin.com and get started.

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James Snider is the Vice President of Business Development for Engstrom Trading, LLC. Engstrom imports products from Scandinavian countries and builds a market for them in the USA and Canada. http://TFXNonStickUSA.com View all posts by jamessnider

3 responses to “Where to start…

  • Beulah(Pete)Hancock

    I am on LinkedIn and it is a great tool for connecting. Still need to get a picture on there. Also, want to get my profile on Twitter and Facebook

  • Ash Dittakavi

    Thanks a lot for putting this together. I will be forwarding the link to some others I know who area also in the job market.

    This whole blog is very, very useful – a real eye-opener on many counts – I used to think I knew enough about search techniques. But, having read this I realized how may things I am NOT doing that could help. I got my work cut-out for the next few days – to update my profile and implement these ideas.


    Thanks a bunch.

    Ash Dittakavi

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