What makes December a good month

According to the Southlake Focus Group (a job hunter help group) December is a great month for job hunters.  According to their statistics (from the past seven years), they see more people obtain jobs in November, December, and January than during any other three month period.  Why would this be?  We all hear that hiring slows down in November and shuts down in December.

Southlake Focus says that most job hunters quit looking for jobs after Thanksgiving.  They take the month of December off, with the intention of picking it back up again in January when the new budgets take effect.  However, companies still need to hire people in every month.  Attrition may slow down in November/December but it does not go away completely.  If a company needs to hire a person, it does not matter what month it is.  Additionally, there are many positions which have to be filled in the current year or the funding for that position goes away.  Now hiring managers who have been slow to fill a position have to hustle or go through the approval process again.

And, finally, in the current job market, it is taking months for jobs to be filled.  It is not at all unusual for people to be called in to interview for jobs they applied for three months ago.  Many hiring managers have funding for jobs in 2010 and want to get the job search started now so they can fill the position as soon as possible once New Years arrives.

Add to this the fact that few people look for work in December and you have a supply/demand ratio which is more in favor of the job seeker than just about any other month of the year.

Now is the time to step up your job search into high gear.

See related article: http://www.star-telegram.com/804/story/1811294.html

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