Making it to the Top of the Heap

As I stated previously, after 15 years of tech marketing  and 100s of places on the Internet where my name appeared, I assumed that I would be easy to find via a Google search.  However, when I Googled my name the day after I was laid-off, I was nowhere to be found on page one of the search results.  There were plenty of “James Sniders” on page one but, adding insult to injury, an actor named “James Snyder” was all over page one.  An alternate spelling of my name was ranking higher on Google than I was.  How could this be?  I am spread all over the web.  The answer to my question emerged during my weekly meetings with other marketers “in transition.”

Being “in transition” is the politically correct way of saying you are one of the 15 million Americans currently looking for a job.  I belong to a job hunter networking group called MAG!C which stands for “Marketing, Advertising, Graphics, Communication.”  As you have surmised, this is a sub-group of job hunters who come from the marketing and the creative side of corporate America.   This is where I first started learning how to use social media in my job search.  We also discussed, informally, how to rank higher in Google search results.

I have since come to realize that I was learning something which goes by the intimidating term “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” for short.  That phrase is enough to make you sound like a tech genius, in most circles, and enough to make most job seekers quake.  However, what was being shared with me was simply practical tips without the pretense of an intimidating name.

SEO experts are in high demand and get paid a lot of money to advise businesses on how to drive more eyeballs to their web pages.  After all, it is no good to have a web page if no one looks at it.  I started applying these SEO techniques to build my ranking on Google.  Today, my Twitter account and my Facebook account appear as number two and three on Google results.  That actor guy (Snyder) who dominated page one in the past has been reduced to just one entry on page one.  That 20 something guy’s Facebook page and the playgroup equipment installer’s Twitter account  are no longer on page one.  I dominate page one with my social media accounts and sometimes other web pages about me (results may vary depending on recent Internet activity).  All because of SEO techniques I learned from people who were not experts.

In the next few blogs, I will talk about what I did.  In the meantime, if you live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, think about attending the MAG!C Social Media Hands-on Lab.  I am just now starting to teach SEO techniques.  Email me for more information, or check my Twitter account on Thursday nights. You do not need a Twitter account to see mine.  Our labs meet in the mid-cities on Friday mornings from 10 – Noon.  We move around a bit to make it convenient for participants. We are informal and will help you step-by-step.  You do not need to be intimidated or embarrassed.  We are all in this learning together.

Don’t be afraid.  You can do this.

James Snider
Global Business Development and Social Media Marketing
Anyone can give you social media.  I make sure it’s marketing.

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James Snider is the Vice President of Business Development for Engstrom Trading, LLC. Engstrom imports products from Scandinavian countries and builds a market for them in the USA and Canada. View all posts by jamessnider

9 responses to “Making it to the Top of the Heap

  • Kerry Curry

    Nice work, James. First thing that comes up when I Google myself is my Twitter account, one of my tweets, then my Linkedin account, then another Kerry Curry, then my Facebook account. There’s a lot of me on Google…but there aren’t as many Kerry Curry’s as there are James Sniders out there in the world.

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  • Katherine Harberts

    James, You are so positive and inviting in your writing! As someone who is learning, it is so refreshing to hear the words: ” you can do it” I love reading your blog posts! Thank you for all the valuable information! Am interested in the SEO… will look forward to finding out how this works.

    • jamessnider

      Katherine, Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate the encouragement. By the way, the next time you leave a comment on a WordPress blog, you can enter your LinkedIn web page as part of your comments. There is a field for that in the comments section. By doing that, you make it so people can see who you are and you also increase the Google search ranking for your LinkedIn account. That is an SEO tip. 😉

  • Atif Mir

    Great article. I created the website for my wife at and did its SEO. I am fairly new to SEO and the last SEO project I did was about 5 years ago. The SEO process has changed dramatically in the last few years.

    It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
    nor the most intelligent, but the one most
    responsive to change.
    — Charles Darwin

    Atif Mir

    • jamessnider

      Atif, Thanks for the comment. Of course, SEO is much more complicated than I am going to be able to cover in this blog. However, for the job seeker trying to increase their digital footprint, a few simple tips will do them a lot of good.


  • Randy Bouse

    Great message. You need to post this to the Southlake group. There are still a lot of people who resist having any kind of digital foot print that can help potential employers find them. I think a lot of it is just being intimidated by something that is new and unfamiliar to them.

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