SEO Series: Get Mentioned on Other Web Pages

The first tip I heard about increasing my ranking on Google was related to my LinkedIn page.  First of all, if you have not gone to the “Public Profile” section of your LinkedIn account and changed the name assigned to your LinkedIn page to something easy to use, you should do that.  If you do not know where the Public Profile section is, you will find it right under the Twitter NEW section…which is right below the sections for your Websites which is right  below the place that shows how many Connections you have.  Right now, your page name probably looks like You should edit that to simply be That is easier to use and looks better on your business card.

Now that you have an easy to use LinkedIn page name (called a “URL” in case you did not know) you want to get the URL mentioned on other web pages.  This makes sense.  If a dozen web pages are pointing to your web page, that must mean that your web page is important.  Right?  That means that Google will assign a higher ranking to your LinkedIn web page.  The problem is, “How do you get your URL on other web pages?”  A good first step would be to open a Twitter account if you do not have one and then use your LinkedIn page in the Account Settings where it asks for a URL.  Go to the top of your Twitter Page and select “Settings.”  “Account” is the first column and “More Info URL” is five spaces down.  Once you’ve done this,  you will have another web page pointing to your LinkedIn account.   You are now doing “Search Engine Optimization.”

One is better than none, but you really need more.  If you have a FaceBook account, there is a space for a URL. If you have a blog, same thing.  If you comment on someone’s blog, see if there is a space for you to enter a URL  along with your comments (they all require an email address and some give you the option of entering your own web page).  Set up a Google Profile (will give you the details later or you can just do a search on “Google Profile” and figure it out on your own…not hard to do). Start looking around for places where you can enter your URL.  You are optimizing that search engine to find your LinkedIn web page each time you do this!

But let’s not quit yet.  If you have a FaceBook and Twitter account, add those URLs to your blog (this can take some trial and error…get some help if you need it) and make sure FaceBook is pointing to all your URLs (Twitter, blog, etc).  With Twitter, you are limited to one URL at this time…but with LinkedIn and Google Profile, you can enter  several web pages.  Get every web page you own pointing to each other.

You can get really aggressive and have your friends with web pages point to your web pages.  Keep in mind that FaceBook and MySpace are web pages.  When I have to make a decision about which URL to enter (in cases where only one is permitted) I make it the same URL each time (LinkedIn, in my case, but you may have a different preference).  My thinking is that I want to put as much power as I can behind one web page rather than spreading it out too thinly.

That is what turned the trick for me.  The improvement in my ranking was not overnight.  I am not sure how long it took because I was not checking very often, but eventually, it did pay off.   So now you have taken your first step. There are a few more I will cover in the next few blogs.

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