SEO Series: When more is…more

The second SEO tip I learned was that it makes a difference which sites make reference to your URL.  If a site which gets almost no traffic points to your web site, it does little to improve your Google ranking.  If, however, a site which is getting 1,000s of hits a day is pointing to your site, that does a lot to improve your Google ranking.  That makes sense.  If the Harvard Business Review web site were pointing to my web site, that would obviously indicate that my site is pretty important and should be ranked higher.  If, however, my mom’s Facebook site is pointing to my site, that does not say a lot about my significance in the world in general.

So how would you, as a job seeker, get a reference to your LinkedIn account (for example) posted on a site that gets lots of traffic?  If you are a member of a job seeker group, see if you can convince the leader of that group to post all member LinkedIn URLs on the group web page.  To Google, a web page is a web page.  Drive traffic to your Facebook web page with regular (daily) postings and by adding more friends.  Of course, I am assuming that you have links to all your other web pages on Facebook.

Blogs are particularly important.  If you blog about something people want to read, you may get pretty decent traffic, plus other web pages may pick up your blog and build the significance of your blog to Google.  Although there seems to be some disagreement, it does not appear that Tweeting your website will increase your Google ranking.   However, it will drive some traffic to your blog.  A better method to build traffic to your blog is to join LinkedIn groups related to the topic and promote the blog to the groups.  Your blog can become a real asset to increasing the Google ranking for all the websites you list on it.

And finally, looking back a bit to my previous posting, get your URL listed on a lot of websites.  Quality is more important than quantity, but for most of us, getting our URL on the CNN website is never going to happen.  Do what you can and get friends to link to you (in exchange for linking back) and put your URL on lots of social media sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Yahoo Buzz, etc.

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