SEO Series: Frequent Updates

My third SEO tip is something I was assuming but only recently had my assumption validated. I was preparing for my “Professional Inbound Marketer” certification via Inbound Marketing University (Hubspot).  The speaker (an SEO expert) indicated that frequently updated web sites rank higher on Google searches than traditional, fairly static corporate sites.  It would seem that the more you update, the better.  This makes sense, particularly when you think about the opposite case. If a web page were never updated, there would be nothing current on it and not much reason to go there.  One could reasonably assume that the web page was no longer relevant and therefore would not justify a high Google ranking.  There are a number of web pages for defunct start-ups that come to mind.  These inactive web sites are still out there (for reasons I know not) but there is little reason to ever access them.

Therefore, Google assigns a higher ranking to web pages that are updated frequently.  That is why Twitter accounts get such a high ranking.  My Twitter page is normally the first or second thing returned when I google my name.  I update Twitter about 5 times a day.  I update my Facebook page about 5 times a week so it ranks very high on Google.  However, I update my LinkedIn page daily.  My Facebook page gets a higher ranking than my LinkedIn page.  You would think LinkedIn would rank higher.

If I understand correctly, however, comments from others count as activity.  Therefore,  it benefits your Google ranking when people comment on your blog (for example).  My guess is, people writing on my Facebook wall increase my ranking. I suppose there is not  a similar social interaction on LinkedIn which increases my ranking.  I could try increasing my LinkedIn ranking by doing a bunch of updates, but I am a little circumspect about doing that.  You do not want to spam your network with too many updates.

So, if you have Twitter, tweet a couple of times a day…or more.  If you have Facebook, update it daily.  For LinkedIn, ditto.  However, that does not explain why this blog (the one you are currently reading) does not show up on the first few pages of Google results but my personal web site (which I rarely update) does.  There is a lot more to SEO than we will ever cover here.

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