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I have not exhausted everything there is to say about using SEO but the three tips I just blogged about will go a long way towards improving your Google ranking.  The thing most on my mind right now is job boards.  Just a few months ago, when my former employer released me back into the wild (and I started consulting full time), everyone said that job boards were a very poor use of time.  Less than 10% of all jobseekers find their jobs via job boards (Monster, Careerbuilder, HotJobs, Dice, etc).  I even heard estimates as low as 1% of all job seekers.

That seems to have changed.  Week after week at the Southlake Focus Group, I hear people talk about how they landed their new job.  Over and over they say “…and believe it or not…someone found my resume on Careerbuilder…” Now the stories can be very entertaining about resumes being found that were 5 years old and nothing was current but the phone number or about the job being one they’d seen and decided they were not a good match so they did not apply…and so on.  The point I am making is, hiring is picking up and what you heard 6 months ago does not hold true.  Headhunters are starting to get some business (all my headhunter friends have been living off peanut butter and day old bread for the past year).  Job boards are starting to get people jobs…as high as 25% from what I hear.  Not exactly social media but close enough if it helps you get a job.

So here is the advice I keep getting.  Update your resume frequently on all the major job boards.  Some folks say, “Update daily.”  Others say, “Update once a week.”  And still others say, “When you stop getting spammed with MLM and commission only insurance emails, it is time to update your resume on the job boards again.”

Here is what works best for me.  Update once a week on Sunday night.  I have tried all the different update schemes suggested by others and Sunday night seems to work the best for me.  From what I hear,  corporate recruiters download current resumes on Monday morning and then work through them all week.  Maybe that is true or maybe it is not, but I seem to get better emails from recruiters when I update on Sunday night.

Get back to me with what seems to be working for you.

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4 responses to “Job Boards

  • missdisplaced

    I don’t believe it for a minute! Since 1996, of the last 6 jobs I held 5 were found through, or other job boards. All were very good jobs, too. The other job was found through a friend who was already working for the company and recommended me when a current employee announded she was leaving. I’m not saying networking won’t work, but my experience has proved mostly otherwise.

    The so-called “experts” aren’t always right.

  • jamessnider


    Thanks for your comments. I guess I will keep updating the job boards each Sunday night.

    James Snider

  • Lauren

    That Sunday night things seems like an excellent tip. I’m going to start doing that.

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