Not seeing the SEO magic…

It has been 10 days since I added the YouTube links to my blog and I am not seeing any increase in my Google rating.  I am still stuck on page 5 (or sometimes even page 6).  I did collect a number of comments from the LinkedIn groups I posted the question to (“Can you verify if adding video will improve the Google ranking of a web page?”)  Most folks indicated that video will improve my ranking but a couple of folks indicated that it is all about keywords.  If I’d labeled the videos “James Snider sings…almost” and “James Snider’s son in a movie,” then it might have made a difference…but if that is the case, it does not take a video to add keywords.  Keywords in the text will be just as effective (James Snider James Snider James Snider  James Snider).

The most recent comment I received (from someone who does SEO as a profession) indicated that the video was irrelevant.  He did make a comment that hit me, “Google loves fresh content….”  So, by posting the videos and then doing nothing for 10 days to see if my ranking went up, I probably hurt my ranking because I was not posting fresh content.  🙂

And in the final analysis, I was kind of cheating the system anyway.  I only posted two links to YouTube and did not actually post video on my web page, so the pro bono advice I got from the social media wunderkind at HubSpot did not help me.  Not that I would argue with a wunderkind…but in this case, I did not see a difference.

So, the takeaway is this, update content on your web site often.  That does seem to work.  Over the next two weeks, I will be testing the “fresh content” suggestion on two of my other blogs to see if I can move them up from page 10 and page 14 of Google results.  And finally, if you post a really interesting video on your website which attracts lots of traffic, that can’t hurt your Google ranking either.

Here is my effort at an interesting video…. The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.  If you can watch this without a smile, you need to lighten up a bit.

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