Who Controls Your On-Line Reputation?

Is “being invisible” hurting your career?  “Yes, it is”…and as much as you try to resist it, you are NOT invisible on the internet.  There is something out there on you.  If you are not building a web presence, your reputation is in the hands of others.

See great blog on this topic: “Is Invisibility Killing Your Career?”  http://bit.ly/9U0LYr

I recently covered this topic in a UNT Alumni Career Workshop Series presentation (Wednesday, March 24).  I gave practical tips with real-life examples on building your on-line presence.

I have a rough video of my presentation on my Facebook account:  http://www.facebook.com/james.snider.TX

This presentation is for anyone looking for a job or looking to advance their career.  Practical tips on using social media to build your web presence.  No “jump on the social media bandwagon” hype.   Recruiters are looking for information on you.  You can not make yourself invisible.  Make it easy for them to find all the good things you have done and not those embarrassing moments your old college roommate decided to post on MySpace.



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James Snider is the Vice President of Business Development for Engstrom Trading, LLC. Engstrom imports products from Scandinavian countries and builds a market for them in the USA and Canada. http://TFXNonStickUSA.com View all posts by jamessnider

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