How to use LinkedIn to find a job

OK, that is a pretty bodacious title for a blog post, “How to use LinkedIn to find a job”.   LinkedIn, by itself, is not going to get 99.9% of  job seekers a new job.  However, it is one powerful tool to assist you in your job hunt.  When it comes to social media, this is the place to start.  Until you get your LinkedIn account right, you do not need to be moving on to other things.

First of all, get your profile up to 100%.  How do you see what your profile is?  Go to the top of your LinkedIn page, select profile, and “Edit Profile”.

Then, go over to the right, where your picture is, and you will see what your profile “completeness” percentage is.

If you are less than 100%, what do you need to do?  There are plenty of good blogs on this.  I would refer you to Career Rocketeer. Chris Perry’s stuff is always good.  Read and do all that Chris says in his post on Finding Your Job with LinkedIn.

I will add an additional point but there are plenty more that could be covered.  When you find that posting for the great job you really want, go to LinkedIn and do a “Companies” search using the same search area you use to find people.

Enter the company you are hoping to work for and you will find all sorts of useful information.  You will find people who you are connected to who work for that company or worked for that company in the past or know people who work for that company.  You will find out where their largest locations are, who was recently hired, and who was recently promoted.  You can find out who works for that company in your geographic area who went to the same school that you did.

Let me give you an example.  I worked for 15 years in the high-tech industry.  I am looking where the economy is going over the next few years and am thinking “High-tech is going to remain rocky until this global economy settles down…and with more jobs moving to Asia…and with an aging population…maybe I should move out of high-tech and into something more stable.”

I have been looking at Kimberly Clark (they make Kleenex, health care products, industrial soap, etc).  The problem is, my network is completely lacking in Kimberly Clark contacts. When I apply, I get turned down for having “no consumer package goods” experience.  However, I do have global marketing skills that should make me very useful to them.

How can I convince them to take a second look at me? I researched them on LinkedIn and found a few useful things.  Globally, they have 55,000 employees.  However, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, they only have 168. Ten of them are friends of friends.  One of them belongs to the Social Media Club of Dallas (of which I also belong).  One of them is an alumnus of the University of North Texas.  I think I found my way in…

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