Ignite! Dallas: June 2, 2010

This does not have much to do with Social Media, per se, but the Ignite! Dallas group is heavily populated with people who are active in the Social Media Club of Dallas.  I was fortunate enough to be one of 16 people selected (from a pool of 46) to speak at this event.  I used it as a way to let a theater full of people with jobs know that I am a job seeker.  I also used it to showcase my abilities as a technology marketer.

The end result was about 5 new LinkedIn connections (one “invitation to connect” came in from an HR professional in the UK within minutes of my presentation), about 10 new Twitter followers, a job lead (with an offer to help me network in), a request from a recruiter to set up a phone call, and coffee with a “serial entrepreneur” who mentors promising start-ups in the Dallas area.  This “serial entrepreneur” is always looking for marketing people who understand technical products to team with start-ups as soon as their product gets close to launching.   Plus, I met a bunch of really great people.

I can see you are underwhelmed…. Remember, in this job market, you are in a marathon and not a sprint.  There are no silver bullets that will get you a job with a single effort.  I increased my digital footprint.  I have a video on YouTube with a second one in the works.  There is a sample of my ability to connect with, educate, and entertain a crowd.  Plus I connected with a group of up-and-coming Dallas professionals who will be looking for a guy like me when their start-ups start to grow.

From everything I hear, large companies do not hire very many people who have many years of experience.  They do not want leaders.  They want managers.  Their leadership is already in place.  They hire people to carry out game plans that come down from senior management.  Smaller companies need to bring in people with lots of experience.  They need leaders.  They are looking for a guy like me.  My job is to make myself easier to find…via social media…or in this case, via a rowdy speaking venue.

But as with most things in this job search, follow-up is critical.  Next week is a meeting of the Social Media Club of Dallas.  I will be there to reconnect with some of those great people I met at Ignite! Dallas and to continue networking.    Remember, studies show that a potential customer needs to see an ad 7 – 9 times (or in rare cases, as few as 3 times) before s/he becomes aware of the product. Sleep erases most commercial messages each night.  [From Bronwyn Richie’s blog] When you are promoting yourself, do not expect anything different.  That is why frequently updating social media is important and getting in front of the same people over and over is important.

Here is the “unoffical” video of my presentation.  It was taken by a guy in the audience and posted to YouTube (thank you Israel Denis).  The camera work is not great, but it is only 5 minutes.  Please take a look:

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Global Business Development and Social Media Marketing
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