Pecha Kucha

James Snider speaks at Ignite! Dallas 2

Have you heard of Pecha Kucha? It is a new way to do PowerPoint.  The goal is to limit your number of slides and the amount of time you spend on each slide.  20 slides, 20 seconds for each slide and you are done with your presentation in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.  This is a cure for “death by PowerPoint” that so many of us have suffered…and  it is catching on.

This is similar to social media in a number of ways. It is new.  It is about being brief.  It is entertaining and it is about spreading information quickly.  I have taken the opportunity to participate in public Pecha Kucha presentation events where I was on the spot, with slides auto-incrementing every few seconds.  At the last event, I spoke to nearly 1,000 people with roughly half of them watching on-line.  Now, in the interest of accuracy, the event was actually an Ignite! Dallas event…but they are very similar.

Here is the “unoffical” video of my presentation.  It was taken by a guy in the audience and posted to YouTube (thank you Israel Denis).  The camera work is not great, but it is only 5 minutes.  Please take a look:

The next Ignite! Dallas event is called “PowerPoint Improv” which is similar to Pecha Kucha with a twist. Presenters will be giving brief presentations (20 slides, 20 seconds for each slide) but they will not have seen the slides ahead of time.  I have been accepted as one of the speakers….who will be giving a presentation I have never seen before with under 20 seconds to come up with something cogent, or at least entertaining, on each slide.

Why would I put myself in such an uncomfortable situation?  I have a problem.  I am talkative.  Pecha Kucha is a way to train myself to be concise.  I encourage you to try your hand at this if you have difficulty explaining who you are (as a job seeker) and what you want in a concise and clear manner.  It is like advanced Toastmasters for those who are comfortable in front of a crowd.

On second thought, most of you should start out with Toastmasters and save Pecha Kucha for marketing and sales people.

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