LinkedIn to the Rescue

Something happened last week that I wanted to pass along.  I am working with a recruiter who has been shopping my resume around one of my target companies.  He came across a hiring manager who was eager to talk to me.  She needed to select a candidate ASAP and I was a good fit. The problem was, everything was coming together quickly and the recruiter had no information on the job.  No description, no title, no department.

All he had was the name of the hiring manager.

Fortunately, that was enough.

I was lucky in three ways:

1) The hiring manager uses LinkedIn

2) The hiring manager has an unusual name so she was easy to find on LinkedIn

3) The hiring manager has a complete and update-to-date profile on LinkedIn

As soon as I found her on LinkedIn, I could  see her job title (Social Web Marketing Manager) and the product she managed (an engineering forum). I had a good idea what the job would be.  I also saw that she had a long history as a tech magazine editor but had only recently moved into corporate communications at this company.  More significantly, she had moved into this social media job a mere 5 months ago. I was starting to see where her pain points might be and how I could be a tremendous help.

I did a quick Google on her name and found her Twitter (only a handful of tweets) and her Facebook. Nothing led me to believe that she was a social media heavy hitter. I was starting to get the picture as to why she was so eager to talk to me.

Back on LinkedIn, I noticed that she was connected to several people that I am also connected to.  One was my recruiter (since he knew nothing about the job, there was no reason to contact him!), a couple were people I would prefer not to go to, but three were reasonably good contacts.  One had a long history at the target company and one appeared to have worked with the hiring manager over a period of several years.

The third contact really did not have much information to give me.  She also felt that she did not know me well enough to put in a good word for me to the hiring manager. Fair enough. Some people just have different things they are sensitive about. Don’t fret over it.  You should move on.

My other two contacts were golden.  The first knew everything about what was happening with social media at the target company but did not know the hiring manager very well.  The second knew the hiring manager very well but did not know much about the target company.  By putting their information together, I was set.

I nailed the interview.  It couldn’t have gone better.

A week later, they gave the job to an internal candidate.  Frustrating! but it is easier to hire someone who is already on-board.  It made sense. You can’t waste time feeling robbed.  You have to celebrate making it to the “medal” round then move on to the next great opportunity.

James Snider
Global Business Development and Social Media Marketing
Anyone can give you social media.  I make sure it’s marketing.

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