LinkedIn and Fishing

I was leading a LinkedIn Q&A at Southlake Focus earlier this week. One attendee indicated that he was frustrated with LinkedIn because he could not get one of his neighbors to accept his invitation to LinkIn.  His question was, “How can I get him to accept my invitation?”

The panel of LinkedIn “experts” was comprised of Jim Frinak, Erik Johnson and me.  We, of course, indicated that the questioner should find other people to connect with and not focus so much attention on one person.

LinkedIn is suited to people who are looking for a new job or people who are looking to hire.  A friend or neighbor who has a stable job with no intention to leave any time soon will not normally be spending much time on LinkedIn. They are frequently slow to respond since they probably skipped the emailed invitation. Unless they are familiar with LinkedIn, they probably assumed that it takes more than a simple click to connect to someone.

I frequently find people who are stuck on some minor detail with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and feel that they just can not move forward until they (for example) understand what they should enter into the “Location” field….do they enter “Grapevine” or “DFW, Texas” or “Dallas – Fort Worth”…do they spell out “Fort” in “Ft. Worth” and do they spell “Texas” or just enter “TX”…

I also find people who are ready to write off LinkedIn because “It does not work.” What you find out is that they tried to connect to a person 3 connections away through their network and they were not successful. Or, they asked someone for a recommendation and the person never got around to it.

I feel like asking, “If you went fishing and the fish were not biting, would you say that fishing does not work?  Of course not! You would change bait, change locations, come back on a different day or a different  time of day. You would ask someone where to go and what lures or bait seem to work there.”

You need to do the same thing with LinkedIn. Try different things. Be creative.

I bet some of you are cursing LinkedIn because you can not figure out which of the 11,580 “Bob Jones” on LinkedIn is your old boss from 15 years ago…and you probably have “creative problem solver” on your resume(!) Use that skill to solve your LinkedIn problems.

Might even make a good SAR story for that next interview.

James Snider
Global Business Development and Social Media Marketing
Anyone can give you social media.  I make sure it’s marketing.

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