Your signature may be hurting you

As a job seeker, you are probably looking for ways to show that you are current on the latest cool trends. At the same time, you are looking for ways to stand out and to make yourself easy to find. Being “easy to find” is particularly critical. I’ve heard that the best candidate is often overlooked because a good candidate was easier to find. If they can not find you, they can not interview you.

What are most of us doing to solve all three goals at the same time? We are adding links as part of our email signature.  At a minimum, you should include your full name, job title (for the job you want…or at least a job function such as “Marketing” or “Software Engineer”), phone number and email address. Anyone who sees your email address knows how to find you. If they forward your email to someone else, it is easy for that third party to find you without sorting through the email headers to find your email address. It is also super simple for a person who wants to recommend you to cut your signature and paste that in an email to a recruiter or hiring manager….they do not have to cut your email address from the header and type in other information about you before emailing their recommendation.

I recently attended a presentation by the controversial and always popular Dirk Spencer about the stupid things we do that make it so recruiters are not getting back to us.  His number one theme was, “Make yourself easy to find.”

So far, so good. Make every email a “business card” by including a useful signature. However, we want to go a step farther and include links to things like our LinkedIn profile.  We may even decide to use some of the cool tools that add images to our signature to make us look really “with it.” There is a hidden problem associated with using the popular Firefox extension “Wisestamp.” It adds cool little icons to your signature, but it may be causing your email to be blocked. I discovered this problem with Wisestamp when one of my clients in China was failing to get my emails.  The reason for this was explained to me by the aforementioned Dirk Spencer. I will share his explanation in my next post.

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