The Christmas Season…Bah! Humbug!

If you have been out of work for very long, you are probably aware that the best hiring season is between the start of school and Thanksgiving.  For the remainder of the year (post Thanksgiving) hiring slows down to a crawl.  It does not go away entirely and there is some benefit to staying active in the job search during this “slow season” since so many people take the month of December entirely off.

Personally, the site of no presents under the tree spurs me on to find those scant jobs and to be anything but idle during December.

Recently, I attended the “Career Solutions Workshop” which was started by David Rawls, a good friend to job seekers in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.  On this particular night, I had the pleasure of hearing Cory Walden speak.  Cory is also a great friend to job seekers as he heads up the Southlake Focus Group.

Cory deviated from his prepared comments briefly to share some insight that I found to be particularly useful considering the season we are headed into.  Along with applying for jobs we find on the internet, working with search firms, networking with job seekers and conducting informational interviews, Cory suggested that we should be actively improving our profiles on the major job boards AND on company web sites!

This is something I was doing instinctively during this “Start of school to Thanksgiving” hiring season. I wish I’d thought to have posted this to this blog last August. How many of you would be interviewing weekly if you’d been simply updating your profiles on the job websites of your target companies?

It is obvious, but when Cory said this, it was the first time I’d ever heard that said out loud.  People talk about keeping your profile fresh on Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs. A profile that has not been updated in a month is almost worthless. What makes us think that the profile we set up on the Dell website when we applied for a job 6 months ago is still being reviewed?

I know what you are think, “Those statements about keeping my resume on file are bogus. Once I’ve been turned down, my resume goes in the trash.”  However,  from what I hear (from a dozen or so informational interviews at Dell), recruiters do search the database of resumes “on file.”  They would rather find you than to post a job on the job boards and wade through a 1,000 (mostly worthless) resumes.  I know a guy at Southlake who was hired by Dell in precisely this fashion.

OK, team. Turkeyday is right around the corner. It is time for us to prepare. What are we going to do in the month of December to prepare us to be the first person hired in January? I will talk about this in my next several posts, but in the meantime, start working your way through those profiles you created when you applied for jobs at your target companies. I bet that a lot of you are going to find things that make you say, “Oh! No wonder I am not getting any attention here….look at what I did.”

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