Did anyone get the license on that truck?

I had the distinct pleasure last Saturday of attending the Crossroads Career Transition Workshop. This time, I attended as a volunteer, rather than as a member of the audience.  However, I still took the opportunity to listen when I could. I had a chance to get to know Rex Saoit and Locke Alderson a little better; two quality people. I also snuck away from my duties to hear two of my favorite speakers; Dirk Spencer and Gail Houston.

Dirk and Gail have broadly different styles. Dirk is high energy, hard-hitting, and funny with a distinct bite. Gail is low-key, hard-hitting and funny with a distinct bite. That sounds like anything but “broadly different styles” but when you hear them, you think there could not be two more different people. However, once it is all over, you realize that you were entertained and enlightened while hanging on every word but you feel like you were run over by a truck.

You expect that from Dirk. He lets you know from his very first sentence that he is not going to take it easy on you. With Gail, you don’t see it coming at first. She is quiet and a little bit monotone. By the time you realize that your head is spinning, you catch on that she has been brutally blunt the whole time. It just took a few minutes for her to nail you with something really stupid you have been doing.

It is always exactly what the doctor ordered. No job seeker should miss seeing these two speakers if you have been “in transition” for more than a few months….but put in your mouth guard and tighten up the chin strap on your helmet. You are going to take a few hits before it is all over.

I am going to deviate from my “here is what to do now that we are in the slow hiring season” for a week or so to pass along some of their advice.

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