The World According to Dirk: “The LCD”

As I mentioned, I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Dirk Spencer speak last weekend to a group of job seekers. I always learn something new when I hear Dirk. One of his most useful tips (and one which blows people away when they first hear it) is, “Write your resume to the LCD.”

Dirk drives the point home, “Make your resume understandable to the lowest common denominator (LCD).” You have no idea who is going to see your resume and decide that it either moves forward or dies on the spot.

You have no idea what software is being used to screen your resume before human eyes (and intelligence) have a chance to look at it and figure out what you are saying. If you have 10 years experience in “global marketing” and the job req wants “international marketing” are you absolutely sure the software or the screener is going to see them as being the same thing? It might sound stupid to you, but “international marketing” might be construed as marketing done while living in a foreign country to target the customers in that country and “global marketing” might be seen as a “one size fits all” marketing where the whole world is seen as one market for the product. Why not make the change to your resume, use their wording, and remove all doubt?  

Additionally, your resume must be an overt document, clearly spelling out at what you are good.  Your recruiter may have little knowledge about your industry. Make that resume something he or she can use to sell you. Does the recruiter understand that mixed-signal semiconductors contain both analog circuits and digital circuits on a single semiconductor die? If the job req is for an analog designer, you can say “mixed signal” all day but you can not be sure the recruiter can sell you. Throw in the salient facts about delta-sigma modulation, a-to-d converters, digital radio chips and all the other techno babble required to land you that interview.  

Dirk suggests using government resources to identify the important knowledge, skills and abilities associated with your profession. He indicated that the government has useful information on all jobs which will help you put the right keywords in your resume. He did not mention specific web sites, but I found the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to be a good starting point.

Since “Writing to the LCD” is such an important theme, it will come up again. Also, Dirk is seen as a “recruiting genius” when it comes to finding candidates via social media. I will get to that eventually.

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