Insight into the world of recruiters (part two)

Remember that I said Gail will make you think she is taking it easy on you when she talks. Her style is calm. However, you will notice that you are starting to sweat a little bit and a little blush is coming across your cheeks as she lists off dozens of really stupid things candidates have done. You suddenly realize that you have done at least some of these same things. You realize that you are laughing out of embarrassment rather than entertainment. See if any of these look familiar.

With all the cutting and pasting to customize your resume for that perfect job, have you ever cut your name off the top? Gail sees resumes all the time with no name. Not a good indication that you consistently do jobs right the first time.

How many times have you emailed a recruiter and indicated “See attached resume” only to have failed to attach the resume?  Oops! That one got me.

Gail, from time to time, gets a resume which still has the “track changes” option turned on.  It can be very revealing to see what a candidate does NOT want you to know about them.

But my favorite story is the one where Gail was working late one night, trying to catch up on the mountain of resumes she needed to review. She emailed a particularly good candidate to set up a phone screen. The candidate happened to also be on email at the time and indicated that she was available any time….even at that particular moment (notwithstanding the late hour).  Gail called her only to get a royal chewing out for calling at such a late hour.

How would this story end if this had been most recruiters? Round file. Gail, however, emailed back and asked, “I thought you said you were willing to take a call now?” As it turns out, the candidate was very eager to take the call. The problem is, she had the wrong phone number on her resume.

Rule of thumb: hand your resume to a friend and ask them to email you and phone you from the information on your resume. You may be embarrassed to find that you have the wrong information on your resume and are missing recruiters who would like to talk to you.

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