Oooh! They got me!!!!

If you read my last blog post, you read about how spammers have been pestering my blog with phony comments. I got wise to them pretty fast…but then, they changed their approach.

On WordPress, you can see which sites are sending you traffic. For example, I post my blog topics on various LinkedIn groups. That is probably why you are reading this blog….you saw me mention it on LinkedIn. I can tell which groups send me the most traffic (hints on that in my next post) based on the information WordPress gives me.

So a few days ago, I was checking referring sites and noticed that one was sending me bunches of traffic. “umnongok (dot) co (dot) cc/blog/15-useful-wordpress-tips-to-make-your-theme-even-better (dot) php” I added the “(dot)” to reduce the SEO benefit to this scammer site of my mentioning it on this blog.

So, like a naive person, I clicked on the web address. It took me to some ad site for When I tried to move past it, it sent me off into cyberspace. I tried it again and it took me to another ad site…then on to cyberspace.  I tried it about five times… always with the same result.

So I Googled it and found one response on GNU/Linux Area. According to GNU/Linux, this is yet another attack of the spammers:

Here we go again.

It seems there are so many people in this world not willing to do an honest job in order to earn their living.

Some of them are spammers and scammers, and here’s another link I found in the Referent section on my blog control panel.

http://umnongok (dot) co (dot) cc/blog/15-useful-wordpress-tips-to-make-your-theme-even-better (dot) php (DO NOT VISIT THIS LINK!!!)

Apparently I had 9 visits from that URL, of course that is not true.

So now I am not sure if I fell prey to a spammer or a scammer. Maybe I have spyware on my Mac or who knows what?  Drat! I was feeling pretty smart…and now I feel like just another schmuck! My only hope is that my very old Mac (a PowerPC version) will not be suitable for whatever malware is wandering around on my hard drive.

By the way, a new “mysterious referring site” just popped up today “financialguide (dot) ce (dot) ms.” A google search turned up no such web address in the first four pages of results. This web page supposedly sent 7 viewers to my blog. I have to wonder why a financial guide web page would generate so much traffic when my post on the Social Media Club of Dallas and the Social Media Club of Fort Worth sites mustered just one hit between the two?  (remember what I said about things that do not make sense…. they should be a red flag) I am just going to assume that this is some sort of malware site, report it and get on with my life.

So, here is a lesson for you. Be careful and do not get too curious about who is sending traffic in your direction. Most of the time, the information you get from WordPress is not very informative….except for LinkedIn. I will tell you about using LinkedIn to drive traffic to your blog in a few days.

Be careful out there…

James Snider
B2B Business Development Consultant
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2 responses to “Oooh! They got me!!!!

  • Greg Satell

    Thanks for this James.

    Another good tip is to use Akismet, which does a reasonably good job of controlling spam. Also, watch out for comments praising your “weblog” (no real person uses that term).

    – Greg

  • Tobi

    I guess they’re after 2 or 3 things
    1. Worst case, they hope you’ll visit them back so that they may
    1a. Try to infect your computer with malware or
    1b. Throw you into advertising, and even collecting “clicks” for additional revenue. (seems to be the case here).
    2. They might also hope your logs are public and they’ll get link value from you. (Probably not in this case, since there was no real site there).
    Or, some sites will publish the website link. If the spammer is lucky, it won’t have the nofollow flag set.

    Uhhm, was searching for information about some email spam, and ended up reading your nice post here. That’s why I’m commenting on such a not too recent post of yours.

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