Increasing Traffic to Your Blog

There are lots of things written about how to drive traffic to your blog, but frankly, they require a lot of work. I am going to show you how to get some immediate gratification… that being, more traffic to your blog within a few hours. This is not going to generate 1,000 hits a day, but for most of us, 20 hits a day would be a considerable improvement.

This does not just apply to the job seeker. There are plenty of small business web pages out there that only get a few hits a week. Adding a blog to that web page and using the techniques I am going to present, will increase visits to a web page. I was meeting with a small business owner in Dallas a few months ago and he considered it a good day if 5 people came across his website. I tried to show him how to do what I’ve done, but in the end, he had a business to run and did not have time to be “blogging all the time.” That should have been an easy sale for me, but that is a whole story in itself.

First of all, let me state something that should be obvious. The content on your blog must be good. If you post boring stuff, no one is going to keep coming back to your blog and you do want repeat business. Frequently, I find that people want to know how to attract more followers or hits when they provide nothing to attract traffic. I am not really interested in helping you drive artificial traffic to your blog or website. That is not going to do anything for you.

LinkedIn is one of the easiest tools to attract readers to your blog. You should join groups which are of some professional interest. This could be marketing, HR, engineering groups and hundreds of others. You should also join alumni groups. These come in two forms: university alumni and business alumni groups. If you worked for AT&T, join the AT&T alumni group. Also join the largest alumni group for any university you attended. Make sure your LinkedIn profile lists the companies and universities associated with these alumni groups. I doubt that the LinkedIn Harvard and Yale Alumni groups are going to want me to join them, seeing as I have never attended a day of school outside the state of Texas.

Once you have joined some groups on LinkedIn, take a look at what sort of things are posted in the discussion section. Some groups are pretty friendly towards people posting links to their blogs. Others are pretty stringent in prohibiting this. Mostly, you are going to stay out of trouble if you post something significant to the group discussions. If you join a recruiters group (for example) and have a blog on the history of Native Americans, chances are good that your posts are going to draw complaints and you are going to get a “cease and desist” email from the group manager. Your posts probably have nothing to do with the purpose of the group. However, if some of your posts about Native Americans deal with selecting leaders and you expound on the lessons recruiters could learn from Native Americans, then you have a potentially good post for the LinkedIn group.

There is a lot more to say on this subject, but one of the cardinal rules (and one I frequently violate) for effective blogging is to keep your posts short. It is much better to have three posts of 500 words than one post of 1500 words. I will continue on this topic for the next several posts.

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