Increasing Blog Traffic with LinkedIn

OK, here is the secret sauce. I mean, you know, already, that I am suggesting that you start discussions on LinkedIn groups with the goal of getting people to click-through to your blog. That is not a mystery. Plenty of people do that. As long as your blog is worth reading, most people do not mind.

If you, however, take people to a web page that does nothing more than promote your paid service or promote your 30 minute webinar coming up in a few days or requires people to give you name, email and password to gain access, you are going to irritate at least a few people (me, for one).

Follow the rule of social media…despite the fact that you will see vultures violating the rule every day. Social media is about sharing and sharing something worth receiving. Deceiving me into thinking that you are going to provide me with “the 10 hottest trends in social media today” only to take me to a website promoting your e-book, The 10 Hottest Trends in Social Media Today, is going to make me more than just a little bit peeved.

I am not going to bite the next time you dangle the bait.

So, go to the LinkedIn group that is the most related to the subject of your blog. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s use my recent blog on how to find a job using Twitter. Some groups do not care if you simply say, “Here is how to find a job on Twitter.” My college alumni groups, for example, are OK with that. They are more social in nature with relaxed rules.

However, there are some groups (and I will leave the guilty “nameless”) will bust you every single time….and then kick you out of the group (after repeat offenses). American Society for Quality (I am not a member of this group…so do not know the rules) might be less interested in this sort of post. They want to talk about Six Sigma certification and the Malcolm Baldridge Award and stuff.

However, the Social Media Club might be interested in discussions about Twitter and might require you to put your post in the form of a question (after all, this is supposed to be a discussion) which will encourage comments and not just click-throughs. You might need to change¬† your comment to, “What are the best ways to find a job using Twitter?” and then you can put the link to your blog in the “Add News” box under your discussion question.

And, of course, most job seeker groups will usually welcome any posts to help other job seekers. I will give one caveat. For a short time, I belonged to a job seeker group which stated clearly that the group was “ONLY for posting job leads.” I was called out a couple of times for posting helpful hints. My posts were not “job leads” so I dropped the group.

Read the rules. If you get in trouble, say you are sorry and don’t do it again. Leave the group if it is not helpful.

Next time we will talk about the best LinkedIn groups to use in promoting your blog.

James Snider
B2B Business Development Consultant
Anyone can give you social media.¬† I make sure it’s marketing.

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