Which LinkedIn Groups?

If you are looking to build traffic to your blog, I can give you a few tips on which LinkedIn Groups work the best. If you want general information on which groups to join, I refer you back to a previous post on this topic.

One of the best LinkedIn groups you can join is your college alumni group(s). Hands down, I get the most traffic from the University of Texas alumni group, followed by the University of North Texas. I do not have any hard facts, but I can speculate as to why this is the case:

1) There is a little bit of esprit de corps within alumni associations. I am not a total stranger, even if you’ve never met me. We attended the same school which makes me a little more trustworthy than another complete stranger. We have a common bond.

2) These groups tend to be larger than the average LinkedIn group. I guess that is really sort of a spam factor. Spread information to a broad enough audience and someone will read it. The UT group has 23,900 members. The UNT group, 5,900. The American Marketing Association of Dallas-Fort Worth has only 2,500. But size is not everything.

3) I tend to post frequently to these groups. My LinkedIn photo is seen over and over. I am a regular, which builds some credibility. Also, I hope, people who read my blog find the information useful. They are more inclined to click-through to my blog than they would be if I were an unknown.

Now, I am also a member of some very large groups which do not generate as much traffic to my blog. You just have to test the group dynamics a bit to see what works. Some groups are huge and have constant new content being posted in the discussion section. Anything I post will be moved off page one in an hour or so by all the new content.

Unless you are lucky enough to have someone comment on your blog within that first hour (or, in some cases, 20 or 30 minutes) or interact with your discussion in some way (“like” it or click-through), you are not going to stay on page one…and rarely does anyone go to page two on anything. You can go the extra mile and line up some friends to make comments and that will keep you on page one for a while….but that is a bit artificial, don’t you think?

From time to time, I see people “like” their own discussion just to keep it from slipping off page one. That is a bit embarrassing, I think (and I have to admit, I have done it). If you have the time, you can probably generate some good traffic to your blog on the super huge LinkedIn groups, but it is going to take time and effort and you will really be scamming the system.  I am not proposing that.

I have hit my 500 word target, so I will finish my discussion on LinkedIn groups in the next post.

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