Inspiration is for Amateurs

“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work…” This is a quote from American artist, Chuck Close. Close is an amazing photo realistic artist. As astonishing as his work is, it is even more astonishing when you realize that he is severely learning disabled.

Although Close is one of the most successful portrait artists of his time, he is afflicted with prosopagnosia (face blindness), a condition that prevents him from recognizing people’s faces. To compensate for this disability, Close learned to study faces very carefully and methodically.  He learned faces by studying the parts in infinite detail. This skill would pay off in ways he could not predict.

As if prosopagnosia were not enough, on December 7, 1988, Close suffered a seizure which left him paralyzed from the neck down. Close was only able to regain slight movement in his arms. Familiar with overcoming obstacles, he continued to paint with brushes taped to his wrists. The results were huge, low-resolution portraits, created by painting tiny squares. Up close, all you notice is dabs of paint inside a grid of squares. At a distance, these squares become a photo realistic image, although it is now a bit pixelated, like a photograph in a magazine. The results are astonishing.

I was thinking about Chuck Close today as I sat before my computer, unable to pull together a cogent topic for my blog.  Close provided the inspiration and the motivation to just get to work.

As a job seeker, time is not on your side. The longer you are out of circulation, the worse your chances of landing that perfect job. Do whatever it takes to make progress every day.

When it comes to blogging, I have a little trick. I have several ideas waiting in draft form. I do not always have to start from scratch. I have a rough draft on what I learned about social media from the communists. I have a rough draft on what I learned about social media from the revolution sweeping through the middle east. I have a rough draft on lessons I learned when I was working nights as a telemarketer….painting a house for a retired couple….getting shoved by a homeless guy.

The blog I just did on “What I learned from Beer Marketing” was a rough draft I completed a couple of days ago. This post is also a rough draft I wrote down in a moment of inspiration about three weeks ago. When inspiration hits, get something started. When you hit that dry spell, I find it is easier to “show up and get to work” when I got the project started when the creative juices were flowing.

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