What I learned from the Royal Wedding

As a job seeker, do you feel like you are always the bridesmaid and never the bride? The Royal Wedding last Friday has given me some food for thought as I considered the elegant bride and striking bridesmaid.

In the current job market, it is not enough to be excellent. You must be perfect. And even then, sometimes, that is not enough. Let’s look at Kate and Pippa.

Both were impressive during the wedding. The bride was not getting all the attention. As a matter of fact, there were several headlines asking if perhaps the bridesmaid had outshone the bride. This unknown Middleton daughter was getting more Twitter traffic than anything else in the wedding. Facebook Fan pages for Pippa started popping up. UK gossip magazines were having a field day.

Kate was nearly flawless in her role as bride of the prince. She was beautiful, elegant and poised. She never looked hesitant or uncertain during her long walk down the aisle. She appeared to have genuine affection for the throngs of adoring onlookers. She looked at ease and happy.

In the televised interviews with school friends, her perfect reputation remained in tact. She was a strong student, great athlete and rule follower. She never “snuck up to the roof for a smoke” or dabbled in underage drinking. Her former headmaster said, “If she ever broke any rules, we never caught her.”

Pippa, who did a splendid job as bridesmaid, has not fared as well. When the press dug into her past, a reputation as a party girl emerged. She was characterized as the more aggressive of the two sisters.  When one looks at the two of them, one might tend to believe the stories. Kate just looks fresher and a bit more genteel than her younger sister.

Kate acts as if she has been groomed her whole life for the role she is now playing. We forget that the beloved Diana had to grow into it. Kate is already there.

Can anyone be this perfect for the job?

How about you as that “perfect match” for a job? I’ve been perfect for several jobs and came in second. One such job had lengthy requirements.  I matched them all, right down to the MBA. The candidate, who was eventually hired, had an MBA from Harvard. My MBA from the University of North Texas was no match.

Perfect, but not perfect enough.

I was a nearly perfect match for another job and I had an ace in the hole. Only on one point was my experience a bit “iffy.” On that one point, I had the experience but it was an inch deep and a mile wide. However, my brother-in-law worked for the company and was well respected. Additionally, he knew the hiring manager and got along well with him.

Despite his best efforts, he had to tell me that I was not in the running. The hiring manager had a dozen perfect candidates with years of perfect experience. Any one of these candidates would have been an automatic hire under normal circumstances. In today’s job market, the hiring manger has more perfect candidates than he can interview.

The thought occurred to me, “There will be several people wondering what went wrong. They were perfect matches and didn’t even get interviewed.”

As you know, this job of getting hired is serious business.

Check your social media profile. Not only should there be no “party girl” information but you need to concentrate your efforts toward a goal. Kate was that perfect match, but that was almost not good enough. At one time, William dropped her. Pippa plotted to get them back together. It was the younger sister who made sure that Kate was seen in clubs with other men. A ploy to get the paparazzi to snap photos which William was sure to see.

It worked.

Have that single mindedness. If you want to work in the medical field (for example), concentrate your tweets about medical things. Follow medical professionals on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Study medical articles and make your updates about them. Informational interview people at target organizations. Seek out speaking engagements where medical professionals will be. Do not shotgun your job search. Focus.

Even perfect Kate had to make sure she remained visible to William.

You are not going to get a job by accident.

You have to be perfect.

You have to be visible.

In my next post, we will discuss Princess Beatrice’s hat.  

James Snider
Business Development Director

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Only kidding about the Beatrice post

Well…maybe a brief note. As you may know, Beatrice and her sister, Eugenie, are the daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York (the former Sarah Ferguson). Sarah was out of favor with the royal family even before her divorce from Prince Andrew. She was not invited to the wedding of William and Katherine. As the rumor goes, she conspired with her two daughters to get even with the royal family by having them wear outlandish hats. It was known that Beatrice and Eugenie would be seated right behind the Queen. Mission accomplished.

And for some added irony,  pictures from the 1950 Disney Classic, Cinderella … compared to the recent royal wedding.  Actually, the last image was Photoshopped…but funny all the same…


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2 responses to “What I learned from the Royal Wedding

  • Tim


    Nice metaphor. And good advice on how to behave during the job search process.

    I’m disappointed you won’t be addressing the hat, which is really more like a headdress you might see on a Vegas show girl or a dancer at The Greatest Show on Earth. Or from a sketch book of Dr. Seuss’s latest fashion line.

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